Mercury in Gemini Retrograde and Uranus

“Le Printemps” (Spring) by Pierre August Cot 1837 – 1883, shows the gentle and fun loving Gemini nature.

On May 26, Mercury is in Gemini, one of it’s strongest signs, began a retrograde motion that will last until the evening of June 19. What that means in a practical way is that this is not a good time to start new projects and that you should save detail work until after June 20, if you can comfortably do it later. This retrograde is more complex due to the difficult aspect from Uranus, the unpredictable planet of surprises. Use extra care with any sort of movement, driving, walking, talking, and also writing. Be sure you don’t hit the button to send your email to a group instead of the intended party. Don’t daydream even if you are tempted. The difficult aspect will make this far more confusing and it may bring unexpected events into your life. The secret to a retrograde Mercury is to go back to projects that didn’t work the first time and try them one more time. Also if you started a project in a retrograde Mercury, it may finally straighten out if there have been regular hassles.

You may also find that letters or messages that someone either sent that got lost, or never got sent, may finally get through. Since Mercury is so strong, there may be travel in the works. Someone could show up unannounced, or someone who wanted to talk to you about something may finally get around to it. Loved ones or someone interested who worked or had a relationship with you in the past may reappear and want to revisit that situation.

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