Mars Trine Pluto – Passion, Drama, and a Possible Breakthrough

Mars in Leo Within Orb of Regulus, One of the Royal Stars of Persia

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When I see these two powerhouses in fire signs, I watch for dramatic changes. The best you can expect from this aspect is the possible breakthrough of a block in your life or some sort of progress with an authority or power figure, family, or group.

For those of us familiar with fire signs, there is nothing as exciting as watching these two in action. And despite the retrograde motion of Pluto, which just returned from Capricorn back into Sagittarius recently, the thrusting power of Mars in the last degree of Leo may make this an aspect that clears, or at least begins to dislodge, some blocked area of our lives or an attempt to deal with a group or family situation.

Since fire is the sign of the hero archetype, an attitude of “Let’s solve this problem right now” is often followed with a dramatic masterstroke or grand gesture. Pluto often represents groups and often the family, or a group that is like a family. Since Mars is still within the influence orb of the benevolent bright star, Regulus at 28 degrees of Leo (‘The kingmaker’), there may be some positive results, but with Pluto retrograde, there may be secrets involved or information you don’t have about what’s going on. It may also indicate a stubborn resistance much like the old saying ‘the immovable object meets the irresistible force’. Try to work with people and avoid confrontations, no matter how hard it is to bite your tongue. Any argument started under this aspect could get out of hand as quick as a flash fire and escalate before you can stop it.

Since both of these planets can represent sex, there may be an exciting and passionate encounter, but keep in mind possible background influences that are secret. Opportunities to move forward decisively may open up but they may still have challenging knots to be untangled. If you get a chance to travel, there may be hang-ups, or difficulties in transit. This aspect represents raw power but it may have blocks and secrets that may not be apparent. Fire may be involved literally so it isn’t a good time to be careless with anything that involves fire, like fireworks. This aspect will last a few days.


Uranus – the Great Revolutionary Planet – Goes Retrograde


Aquarius, illumination from a book of hours, Italian, c. 1475; in the Pierpont Morgan Library, New York City (MS. G.14).
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Aquarius, illumination from a book of hours, Italian, c. 1475; in the Pierpont Morgan Library, New York City (MS. G.14).

Aquarius (Encyclopædia Britannica)

Whenever I experience that old impulsive feeling to suddenly change everything, I know Uranus is at it again working it’s magic in my life. It is when I feel more alive then I’ve felt before and more determined to express the creativity in my life that I’ve been putting off. Since I have a prominent Uranus influence in my chart, expressing my individuality is always important to me.

Uranus, the ruler of the sign Aquarius, known as the planet of surprises, goes retrograde and important projects or relationships we have started recently may be readjusted and reconsidered until Uranus goes direct again in November, when plans will most likely go forward toward their final destiny.

Uranus represents our deepest need to free ourselves from all the rules that society and our families require of us so that we can fulfill our soul level need to evolve and expand. If we have a yen to be artistic or musical or experience a time as a free spirit without responsibility, Uranus is at work. When a Uranus aspect is prominent in our life or making an important relationship to our planets, our greatest need is to take a stand and define ourself as an individual, no matter what the cost.

With Uranus going retrograde on the 27th in the sign of Pisces, it will prepare to make its way toward the important opposition to the planet of structure, stability, and time, Saturn. This may challenge us to take another look at the structures and patterns in our life. At times we may feel like our life is being torn apart, but its purpose is to force us to remove the deadwood from our lives and demand that we deepen our commitment to be a unique reflection of who we are and what we came into this life to accomplish. It is a perfect example of the famous quote by Socrates ” the unexamined life is not worth living.” Uranus shakes us out of our complacency and forces us to be true to our unique self.

We should be prepared for big shakeups in our life, depending on where the aspect effects us. Life as we’ve known it will probably change, possibly dramatically, and we need to recognize that it will free us up to evolve individually and globally.

Sudden impulses may carry us away, especially if we have unfinished business or relationships from the past that return to demand resolution or, if they represented a truth about ourself that we ignored, they may break us free of false values and the structures in our life that they support, like marrying the wrong person to please the family or getting into the wrong career for status rather than fulfillment.

The Russian Revolution took place when Uranus was in Aquarius, it’s strongest position. Sweden is a country ruled by Aquarius, and it is an excellent example of the visionary, progressive, humanitarian, and detached attitudes we associate with Uranus.

Mercury Goes Direct so go forward on Plans, Details, and Travel

Now that Mercury is direct once again so go ahead and start up those plans and details, and travel will be smoother, as well.  Mercury is in Gemini, one of its strongest signs, so if you find out where it is in your chart, you can make some major progress.  Communications and travel may improve now and everyone may feel a little more like a Gemini, like talking to friends and going to clubs, and hitting the beach or going to see a show in the city.  It may help your work efforts as well.

The Full Moon on Pluto Equals Explosive Emotions!

Today the Full Moon will join the explosive planet Pluto. It may set off strong emotional reactions. Try to keep your wits about you if things get overwhelming and keep it in perspective. Others may have strong emotional demands and reactions toward you, as well. In may bring major cycles to an end, but all charts are different so find out where it is in your chart to see where it will impact your life the most.

Mars in Leo and the South Node – An Urgent Need to Shed

Leo, illumination from a Book of Hours, Italian, c. 1475; in the Pierpont Morgan Library, New York City (MS. G.14)

Leo, illumination from a Book of Hours, Italian, c. 1475; i

Mars in Leo is meeting up with the South Node of the Moon or what astrologer call the dragon’s tail, and this is a karmic meeting. For many people this will mean an urgent need to cut the deadwood out of your life. If you know where your Scorpio and Aries houses are in your astrological birth chart, and, of course, the house Mars and the dragon’s tail are transiting through, you may have some insight about just exactly what you’ll be cutting out of your life, But don’t be surprised if you feel you are just over some major part of your life. It could be your work, a family issue, friends, dysfunctional money patterns, but you will be almost compelled to jettison anything that you think no longer pulls its weight in your life. Since Mars is in Leo, you may feel like being dominant about all of it and drama is the key word here. Leo is always dramatic, so you may find some drama in all this. But it may very well be life changing, no matter how it affects your chart. Think actor and drama and you’ve got the essence of Leo. Find out where Leo is in your chart to see where it’s making the biggest impact. It may help you or it may cause you to rethink major areas of your life, but it will most likely be an area where you feel things or people from the past have to go right now. In Hindu astrology, the South Node of the Moon is called Ketu, and it is considered the point of true spiritual evolution. In Western astrology, we consider it a point of loss, the past as in past lives, or we associate it with leaving. In either case, it may well be the end of a major cycle in some area of your life. Just try to recognize that it’s happening to further your soul’s journey and no matter how difficult or fortunate it may be, it is part of your soul’s lesson in understanding itself. Meditate on the saying, “No one is my enemy, no one is my friend, everyone is my teacher.” That may give you insight during this transition. After the dust settles, just go toward the influences in your life that you feel are part of the new direction.

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