Mars Trine Pluto – Passion, Drama, and a Possible Breakthrough

Mars in Leo Within Orb of Regulus, One of the Royal Stars of Persia

More information on Graphic and Article on Regulus from Visual Astrology Newsletter

When I see these two powerhouses in fire signs, I watch for dramatic changes. The best you can expect from this aspect is the possible breakthrough of a block in your life or some sort of progress with an authority or power figure, family, or group.

For those of us familiar with fire signs, there is nothing as exciting as watching these two in action. And despite the retrograde motion of Pluto, which just returned from Capricorn back into Sagittarius recently, the thrusting power of Mars in the last degree of Leo may make this an aspect that clears, or at least begins to dislodge, some blocked area of our lives or an attempt to deal with a group or family situation.

Since fire is the sign of the hero archetype, an attitude of “Let’s solve this problem right now” is often followed with a dramatic masterstroke or grand gesture. Pluto often represents groups and often the family, or a group that is like a family. Since Mars is still within the influence orb of the benevolent bright star, Regulus at 28 degrees of Leo (‘The kingmaker’), there may be some positive results, but with Pluto retrograde, there may be secrets involved or information you don’t have about what’s going on. It may also indicate a stubborn resistance much like the old saying ‘the immovable object meets the irresistible force’. Try to work with people and avoid confrontations, no matter how hard it is to bite your tongue. Any argument started under this aspect could get out of hand as quick as a flash fire and escalate before you can stop it.

Since both of these planets can represent sex, there may be an exciting and passionate encounter, but keep in mind possible background influences that are secret. Opportunities to move forward decisively may open up but they may still have challenging knots to be untangled. If you get a chance to travel, there may be hang-ups, or difficulties in transit. This aspect represents raw power but it may have blocks and secrets that may not be apparent. Fire may be involved literally so it isn’t a good time to be careless with anything that involves fire, like fireworks. This aspect will last a few days.

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