More Eclipse Lore: Past Mars Action Triggered these August Eclipses Last May

Eclipse image from Chinese Feng Shui Website

World of Feng Shui with Lillian Too

One piece of eclipse lore that is rarely discussed is that the action of the eclipses can be triggered by transiting planets, especially Mars, up to nine months before the actual eclipse occurs. For a look back at what the eclipses may be doing in your chart, if you can recall what happened around May 25 – 28, when Mars transited the recent solar eclipse degree at 9 Leo, you may get a view of what is unfolding in your life due to the eclipse. If you look back at your journal, or recall what was going on in your life at the time, you will see what influence the recent solar eclipse will have on you. That’s when the eclipse action began. It may be when the most intense action actually took place, or it may have been a prelude to what the eclipse will bring into your life.

Despite being an astrologer and astrology columnist for many years, this eclipse took me by surprise while I was being distracted by my other work. When I experienced a major change with the food and restaurant column I was writing at the request of a local newspaper publisher, I could have kicked myself for not recognizing the writing on the wall. I, after all, am an astrologer with a twenty-year practice, weekly newspaper astrology column, and a newspaper feature writer with articles that appear in city newspapers. Until recently, my weekly astrology columns ran in several newspapers. Had I vigilantly researched my own chart, instead of just focusing on the charts of clients and my columns, I would have known what was going to happen when I tried to initiate the changes I needed in an eclipse cycle.

Instead, when newspapers across the country were to cut back by at least 20 % over the next few weeks, I was taken by surprise so I did not act in my own best interest. I got a negative, if not incredulous response to my request for either more money or less extra work.

My contract ended on May 26, the day that Mars transited the recent solar eclipse. If I had been looking at the eclipse and where it was in my own natal chart, instead of being absorbed in the local restaurant scene and local food issues (although I love to cook), I would have seen that the eclipse was being triggered by the planet Mars on the exact day that I talked to the publisher. Mars’ action would trigger the August 1 solar eclipse on my Saturn Pluto conjunction. Unless you are a master or an adept with great control, that conjunction can be quite destructive.

Instead of my astrology chart, I was enjoying my assignment at the new RIverHouse Inn restaurant. And since the eclipse is in Leo, the sign of pleasure and enjoyment, I was certainly captivated by the elegance and grace of the restaurant. When I should have been looking at my chart, I was instead concentrating on the RiverHouse Inn’s new menu with items like chili-plum chicken satay and smoked salmon tapas, two chops of herb-crusted baked pork ladled with apple juice jalapeno pecan reduction and peppered sirloin with cognac demi, and seafood items, like pan seared salmon and crab cakes. I was daydreaming about the dinners I would have later in the dining room or on the patio overlooking the Red Cedar River.

When I looked up from the view of the river from where I was writing my notes on the fine linen tablecloth, both literally and metaphorically, I had the ultimate astrologer’s “aha” moment.

I recognized what really happened. The arrangement did not suit me and I had intended to make changes anyway, but I hadn’t quite decided what kind of negotiating I wanted to do with the paper. I’m a Libra, and while I take issue with the commonly held belief that Libra’s are indecisive, I do recognize that Libra’s are constantly weighing and balancing and what I prefer to call ‘redeciding’. So while I was considering my best course of action and enjoying the local restaurant scene, life happened, in the action of the planets.

A few weeks later, the major newspapers in the chain that carried several of my astrology columns made significant cut backs, and the first contract was just a foreshadowing of things to come. It reminded me in the most personal way, why people in ancient times were afraid of the eclipses. It is related to the fear people have always had even in the dark of the moon, which is the two days before any new moon. And while I don’t fear the dark of the moon or the eclipses, I feel they take special handling. I usually meditate and release aspects of my life that have to go in the dark of the moon, and in the eclipses I meditate and ask for inner guidance.

In the Goddess time of pre-King Arthur days, people did not go outside around the time of the eclipses or in the two days of the dark of the moon before any new moon. In the dark of the moon, ancient people believed there was no energy in the world and they believed it was dangerous to go out. They also believed eclipses were downright evil.

The coming lunar eclipse on August 16, is going to pack an extra wallop since it will also involve Neptune. The action of this eclipse was triggered when Mars transited the eclipse point on June 22 and again when Venus transited it’s opposition point on July 7 and 8. So if you take a look at events in your life, or events in the world on those days, especially when Mars made the transits, you will see what the action of the eclipse may bring.

In the Lunar eclipse, it is important to remember that the involvement of Neptune, two degrees away from the exact eclipse point, will make this a rather unpredictable eclipse, and we should look for confusion, art, a spiritual influence, a higher octave of love or a spiritual love, film, and on the lower manifestation, fraud, deception, addictions, and situations that appear to be special and then turn to garbage in our hands, going from the highest inspiration for us to the lowest and most disappointing experiences. For that reason, it is important to hold off on major decisions, legal agreements or signing contracts, and, if we can, to avoid making commitments in relationships.

Important actions or decisions should be avoided for three days before and after the next eclipse, and if possible, two weeks both before and after.

For art. film, or photography, meditation or spiritual activities, it can be a good time but it is still important to be prepared for anything.

The periods of eclipses, from the time the action is triggered by a transiting planet, or until the eclipse itself takes place, are unstable periods when patterns we think are set in our lives may actually shift suddenly out of our lives completely and unexpectedly. It is also the case that people and situations from the past may return to renegotiate a new relationship or just reunite with us, so it is really an example of the saying, “When God closes a door, he opens a window.”

The effect of the recent solar eclipse will last for around 4 and a half years, meaning that it will act as a sensitive point for that long.  Other planets may also trigger its action by transiting a point that aspects it. I’ll have more on the coming lunar eclipse, as we get closer to its date of August 16, 2008.

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