Lunar Eclpse Afterglow – How Long Does the Energy Continue?

From the “Book of Hours” a Medieval illuminated manuscript

Several people have asked me how long the eclipse will be influencing us. For romance or friendship, it may bring someone back from the past, take someone out of our life, or bring in someone new. It may also bring someone farther into our life who has been hanging out on the perimeters.

This eclipse packed a wallop for a number of reasons. One is because this lunar eclipse took place on the same day that Mars made a difficult aspect to Pluto, which is another aspect of this very intense and sometimes aggressive and irritable period when many people have one difficulty after another.

Generally speaking, it is good to try to be as serene as possible and relax around the house or among friends for two weeks after it takes place. Try to put off serious decisions and don’t initiate new projects no matter what kind of pressure you are under, if you can help it. Plans started during an eclipse often don’t come to anything good.

The actual effects of this eclipse will be felt for another four months, especially everytime another planet makes an important aspect to it. So the first day that is a good bet to start new projects and get back to normal is Sunday August 31. Before that just finish up projects and meditate, read, or exercise.

If people act crazy during this time, just recognize they are also under the influence of the eclipse and give them a lot of space for a while and they may soon get back to their normal behavior.

The actual eclipse will influence our lives for the next four months.

An individual chart needs to be done to determine where in the person’s life the eclipse is making an impact. For some the impact may bring more opportunity, and for others it may bring difficulty.

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