Love May Come Together With Pisces Moon, Venus, Mars

A relationship that started about six weeks ago may finally become what you’ve wanted.

Your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to put together the romantic relationship of your dreams in the next two days.  You’ve got one shot so take your best.  Now that Venus is back in a forward motion, you may get a second chance to make something work.  The romantic mood is at its strongest with these three planets in Pisces so do your best to put the relationship you want together and try to remember no one is perfect.

You’ll have another chance when Venus and Mars move into Aries, but there is no comparison between a Pisces romantic mood and an Aries romantic mood.  Now Venus and the Moon are the most compassionate and romantic in Pisces.  Soon Mars will be strongest, and the Aries romantic mood will be more like “let’s go as fast as we can as see how much of an adventure we can make it.”

Now you’ve got the velvet touch of romance, sensual and deep.  So don’t let the grass grow under your feet and get going with a plan to put the relationship you want together in the next day or two, if you can.


Moon Opposes Saturn – Just When You Thought it was Safe to Come Out Again

When the Moon opposes Saturn this morning and parallels Uranus, you could see someone’s temper take off like a heat-seeking missile and it may even be yours. Remember the old Irish joke, “Is this a personal fight or can anybody jump in?”  That may be what the whole day is like.

Keep your bright ideas and your thoughts (should you decide to let someone know “what I really think”) to yourself just now and don’t take it personally.  All the cliches may apply so just stay out of conversations of any kind that could involve you in a confrontation.  Also when it comes to your relationship you may just want to go into your bedroom and pull the covers up over your head until this weekend, and that may not be long enough.  But if someone wants to argue have the presence of mind to suggest a time next week when it would be better.

Issues that have been coming to a head over the last few months or weeks will pop like a helium balloon stuck by a hat pin.

The time for major psyche explosions will continue at least until the Moon joins Uranus shortly after midnight tonight.  After that things may settle down but caution for a day or two is still advised.

There may also be an aftershock or some significant earthquake activity, in the world as well as in relationships.

The good news is that you get to watch the planets do their shaker – boomer thing.  Its sort of like thunder and lightning only in your life instead of the sky.  The good news, (and that may be optimistic), is that  if you’re lucky, it may actually help you reactivate a project that was stuck and get it going again.   But you will have cleared the deadwood out of your life – and then some.

Mars Joins Uranus – I Only Have One Nerve Left and You’re Getting on it

The irritability of this aspect is almost unbearable, especially if it is making a direct aspect to one of your planets. On its good side, it may cause you to spring into action on something you have intended to do for a while and it may bring you out of your couch potato mode but beware the tendency to decide everything has to change yesterday and you’re not having it (whatever it may be) anymore. No more Mr. Nice Guy – its high time things around here change… you get the idea.
Try not to take your relationships to the edge of the High Roller (the highest roller coaster in the world) at the Stratosphere Tower Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. You think I’m kidding but you’ll know what I mean when the time comes.
There has already been a major earthquake in Hawaii, just make sure there isn’t a corresponding quake in your life.

Moon Transit over Saturn Corresponds with More Earthquake Activity

At 12:33am EST, just a short time after the Moon transited Saturn, an earthquake in the Kuril Islands registered 7.0 on the Richter scale, according to the information at the U. S. Geological Survey web site, which records places, times, and magnitudes of earthquakes.   It also corresponded with severe aftershocks at the major quake in Italy.

It is important to remember that when there are earthquakes on earth, there are often earthquakes in people’s lives and dramatic events in the world.   It is best to remain calm and peaceful during this type of aspect and not to contribute to the chaos by getting upset. It is also a time when we may be more likely to get upset and cause ourselves further problems and expand difficulties.  The value of astrology is in knowing that planetary events may be making shifts in our world and to just stay calm and focused and if a situation arises that needs our attention, to handle it calmly or give it a rest until the roller coaster energy clears and then go back and pick up the thread again.

Mars Opposing Saturn Creates Conditions for Earthquake in Italy

At the end of my previous post on April 4, 2009, I mentioned that the Mars Saturn opposition created conditions that may bring a major earthquake.  Since my post, a major quake rocked Italy at 6.3 magnitude earlier today causing considerable destruction and some loss of life.  It was one of three major quakes that were registered by the U. S. Geological Survey site since my post.   There were two others so far, one in the Philippines at 6.3 and one in Kyushu, Japan, at 6.0 magnitude. There may be more earthquake activity tonight at around 11PM EST as the Moon passes over Saturn and re-stimulates the energy of the opposition, but the climate is not as potent as during the actual opposition.

Mars Opposing Saturn – The Next Break of What Survived

Watch out for the Mars opposition to Saturn today, Saturday April 4. This is the culmination of the Saturn Uranus opposition that was exact on the election day that brought President Obama his spectacular victory and it has been a major stress point for months. Anything that hasn’t buckled under the strain may buckle now. Avoid fights and stay calm no matter what happens. If you have to discuss something that may become confrontational put it off until next week after the middle of the week when there has been plenty of time for the dust to begin to settle. Any argument you have now may get out of control and be the final end of the situation.

I’ve already gotten calls from clients who’ve been laid off and broken off long term relationships and a host of similar major breaks.

Also look for a major earthquake somewhere in the world. This aspect has the makings of a major earthquake.

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