Love May Come Together With Pisces Moon, Venus, Mars

A relationship that started about six weeks ago may finally become what you’ve wanted.

Your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to put together the romantic relationship of your dreams in the next two days.  You’ve got one shot so take your best.  Now that Venus is back in a forward motion, you may get a second chance to make something work.  The romantic mood is at its strongest with these three planets in Pisces so do your best to put the relationship you want together and try to remember no one is perfect.

You’ll have another chance when Venus and Mars move into Aries, but there is no comparison between a Pisces romantic mood and an Aries romantic mood.  Now Venus and the Moon are the most compassionate and romantic in Pisces.  Soon Mars will be strongest, and the Aries romantic mood will be more like “let’s go as fast as we can as see how much of an adventure we can make it.”

Now you’ve got the velvet touch of romance, sensual and deep.  So don’t let the grass grow under your feet and get going with a plan to put the relationship you want together in the next day or two, if you can.

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