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Lynne Crandall


Lynne Crandall is a Great Lakes astrologer who writes on the stars and planets. Contact her at lynne(at)crandallpress.com for chart readings or her Facebook direct message. Follow her on Instagram at lynnecrandallastrology.

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Astrology Columnist

Lynne is located in Lansing, just minutes from East Lansing, Michigan, the home of Michigan State University. She has been an astrologer for more than 20 years.  Her astrology columns in Gannett newspapers in Michigan and South Carolina reached 65,000 readers. Her astrology comments can now be seen on Instagram at lynnecrandallastrology and you can follow her on Facebook at Laura Lynne Crandall.

Combining Astrology with Aromatherapy and Natural Fragrances

Along with her work as an astrologer, Lynne blends signature natural fragrances.

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