About Lynne – Contact her at lauralynnecrandall@gmail.com


Photo by Sarah Christiansen

Lynne Crandall


Lynne Crandall is a Great Lakes astrologer and while she writes on the stars and planets, she can be reached at lauralynnecrandall@gmail.com for chart readings.

For more information on her readings, go to her web site www.caravansrai.com/ and click on services.

Astrology Columnist

Lynne islocated in Okemos, just minutes from East Lansing, Michigan, the home of Michigan State University. She has been an astrologer for more than 20 years and an astrology columnist with astrology columns in Gannett newspapers in Michigan and South Carolina that reached 65,000 readers. Her column can now be seen on her entertainment web site at http://www.caravansrai.com.

Combining Astrology with Aromatherapy and Natural Fragrances

Along with her work as an astrologer, Lynne blends signature natural fragrances for clients who want a unique scent designed from their personal astrology chart. She uses only pure essential oils. Her own favorite scents are white rose, Neroli, which is orange blossom, and yuzu, which is from a Japanese grapefruit and smells a bit like green tangerine. Her entertainment web site has a monthly natural fragrance blend, as well as a weekly horoscope for each sign.

Journalism in Holistic Areas

Lynne came to astrology after a career as a journalist with an interest in holistic healing. Her newspaper reporting specializes in profiles on fascinating people, ancient wisdom, different spiritual and cultural traditions, holistic, alternative, and complimentary medicine and health, astrology, and aromatherapy.

Astrologer and On-Line Writer 

Lynne comes to astrology from a background as a journalist and broadcaster.  She has written for the Detroit Free Press and UPI, and contributed broadcast stories to Associated Press Detroit Bureau.  She has also been a contributing writer for the Lansing State Journal and several other publications.  She is currently a contributing writer for Lansing Area Capital Gains Media, an on-line magazine. 

Lynne also acts as a media and press consultant to the Michigan Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine since 2002 and consults with small businesses and organizations. Her professional web site is www.crandallpress.com.

Lynne has had a national astrology practice for twenty years and can be reached by email when she is not in a consultation. She is available for a phone appointment at her email.  Visit her web site at www.caravansrai.com for more information.


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