Mars Squares Saturn, Uranus Close Earth in the Hours Before the Scorpio New Moon

Tomorrow Mars in Libra is at odds with Saturn in Capricorn while the planet Uranus in Taurus is closest to the earth. This could be a day of surprising challenges to authority. But it’s not a good day to be part of that as consequences could be extreme.

Oct 13, 2019 Explosive Full Moon in Aries at Odds with Saturn, the Nodes, and Pluto

The Full Hunter Moon is exact Oct 13, 2019, at 5:08 PM EDT. If you are like all the people who have been contacting me for the last couple days, you can already feel the challenging and difficult energy.. If you find yourself wearing a sweatshirt that says “I only have one nerve left and you’re getting on it”, it’s just this Full Moon charged up in fiery Aries. The good news is that you may have so much energy you can finish projects you have intended to do for the last 5 years. So curb tendencies to plot revenge or threaten close friends and family, or just anybody who seems stupid or stupidly oblivious to your current flirtation with temporary insanity (this is meant to be amusing but it could also actually also be how you feel). Also don’t be too hard on yourself. If you feel like crying hysterically or just being hysterical in any form just do what you need to do without harming people or animals, or plants. This Full Moon in Aries is clashing with Saturn, the nodes of the Moon and Pluto. There is nothing about this that is lighthearted or frivolous. Be sure you are taking your vitamins since you will need enough vitamin B (for nerves) and make your space as cozy as possible. You won’t be the only one wearing that sweatshirt that says ” I only have one nerve left and you’re getting on it.”

Mars Joins Uranus – I Only Have One Nerve Left and You’re Getting on it

The irritability of this aspect is almost unbearable, especially if it is making a direct aspect to one of your planets. On its good side, it may cause you to spring into action on something you have intended to do for a while and it may bring you out of your couch potato mode but beware the tendency to decide everything has to change yesterday and you’re not having it (whatever it may be) anymore. No more Mr. Nice Guy – its high time things around here change… you get the idea.
Try not to take your relationships to the edge of the High Roller (the highest roller coaster in the world) at the Stratosphere Tower Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. You think I’m kidding but you’ll know what I mean when the time comes.
There has already been a major earthquake in Hawaii, just make sure there isn’t a corresponding quake in your life.

Mars Opposing Saturn – The Next Break of What Survived

Watch out for the Mars opposition to Saturn today, Saturday April 4. This is the culmination of the Saturn Uranus opposition that was exact on the election day that brought President Obama his spectacular victory and it has been a major stress point for months. Anything that hasn’t buckled under the strain may buckle now. Avoid fights and stay calm no matter what happens. If you have to discuss something that may become confrontational put it off until next week after the middle of the week when there has been plenty of time for the dust to begin to settle. Any argument you have now may get out of control and be the final end of the situation.

I’ve already gotten calls from clients who’ve been laid off and broken off long term relationships and a host of similar major breaks.

Also look for a major earthquake somewhere in the world. This aspect has the makings of a major earthquake.

Astrological Earthquake – Mars’ Transit Opposing the Full Moon as a Possible Trigger

Earthquake Planetary Line Up

When Mars moves to oppose the Gemini full Moon over the next three days, it may trigger an earthquake.  This is only one of the factors setting up for a potential quake.  The Saturn Uranus contraparallel, the position of the moon at the time of its fullness, and a few other things that would only interest a hard core astrologer, may all play a role.  But the transit of Mars over the sensitive point, may set off a major earthquake.  In the past similar planetary line ups have resulted in a quake.  Because the Gemini full Moon was the closest to the earth that it has been in 15 years, it may mean a stronger quake.  There have already been three quakes today at greater than 5. on the Richter scale according to the U.S. Geological Survey, but none of them did much damage.  Hopefully it will stop with that, but several others besides myself recognize the possibility of a major quake.  As an astrologer it is all part of years of planetary research.

Earthquakes in the Land Mean Earthquakes in Our Lives

This same planetary line up may also mean we are about to experience a major shift in our lives and our world.  Our individual worlds are changing as many are losing jobs and homes, and families are having to restrict their spending.  Relationships that may lead to marriage may be put on hold, as well as starting a family, due to the financial uncertainties.  The world may be giving birth to a different kind of value system. Our economy is in serious fluctuation and we could soon see another new direction.  Uranus in Pisces is leading us to a new direction and away from the old rules and structures and potentially into a more fluid, creative and inspired time,  but there is a caution not to be taken in with illusions like the financial fraud seen on Wall Street, and other sorts of cons and delusions that may present themselves. 

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