The Solar Eclipse at 9 Degrees of Leo on August 1, 2008

This morning you could see the solar eclipse (eclipse of the sun) if you lived in Siberia, Helsinki, northern Canada, China, Mongolia, or that general area.  This eclipse is very strong since the Sun is in it’s strongest position in the sign of Leo, since that is the planet that rules Leo.  It was also very close to Mercury.  Ancient and classical astrologers believed that the armies marched in the path of the eclipse, meaning that wars and battles happened in the areas where the eclipses are visible.  We may get a chance to see this play out with the way China handles the Olympics, since the eclipse could be seen in China.

In a personal chart, the action of the eclipse manifests according to the planet that it aspects.  For instance, if the Sun was in Leo when you were born, and the eclipse is on your Sun, it means you may be rather fortunate.  If your Saturn is in Leo, you may have a Saturn experience, which could be frustrations and restrictions.  Although, since the Sun in strong in Leo, it could also improve the outcome.

Since the eclipse is also very close to Mercury, it could have an impact on communications or jobs, since they are also ruled by Mercury.  Relationships may be impacted since the Sun and Moon are the astrological principle of man and woman, husband and wife.

In an eclipse it is best to put off major decisions and legal matters or major moves since the energy of the eclipse creates an atmosphere of emotional instability.  Everyone feels a sense of urgency to act immediately but since the energy is unstable, this is action that often will work against us and that we will regret later.  That is the origin of the use of the word “eclipsed”.  Astrologers usually advise that we make no important decisions or actions from two weeks before to two weeks after an eclipse.  If we can’t observe that, we should wait for three days before or after.

When the auto company Mitsubishi brought out it’s Eclipse model, it was clear that auto company had not consulted an astrologer, since no one would name a car Eclipse if they knew  its historical meaning  The current dictionary definition is “to outshine” but, in fact, it is the opposite. The eclipse brings a momentary darkness, a loss of light. If you consider that the light is the sacred element that makes everything grow either literally (like plants, vegetables. flowers) or spiritually (since the Egyptian Sun god, Ra, all the way to Christ the Son (sun) of God), the loss of the light is not considered positive, which is why ancients were so frightened when the sky darkened.

In some part of China, they still bang pots and pans to chase away the evil spirits.

In the ancient times, everyone remained inside, since they feared the eclipses.  Until modern medicine improved health care, it was believed that more boy babies had difficult births, during the solar eclipses, and girl babies had difficult births during the lunar eclipses.

Since the sign of Leo is associated with power, nobility, gold, and authority, look for activity throughout the year ahead in those areas.  Locations ruled by Leo are France, Italy, Macedonia, Spain, Sicily, Madagascar, Zanzibar so keep your eye on these areas for signs of change, along with the areas in the path of this eclipse.

And this eclipse is just a warm up for the next eclipse (and possibly a more important one), August 16, when it happens near the transiting planet of Neptune.

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