The Jupiter Pluto Conjunction, a once in 250 year event Dec 11, 2007

Jupiter Joins Pluto in the Sign of Sagittarius

Sagittarius Constellation

Sagittarius is the Centaur, half man and half horse who is also the archer, with a drawn bow ready to shoot the arrow to it’s target.

Jupiter Pluto Conjunction

This conjunction only happens in the sign of Sagittarius every 250 years so when it does, be advised it will leave quite a trail in the lives of everyone and the world in general. Since Jupiter is such a large planet, when it joins together with Pluto, the world literally shakes. Since Sag rules higher education, publishing, organized religion, spiritual evolution, philosophy, foreign and multi cultural matters, and travel to distant and exotic places, automobiles and modes of transportation.  These are the influences we can expect in our lives and in the world. Pluto rules the underworld, nuclear power, organized crime, the deep subconscious and very old age. It also rules explosions, so try to hold down your own potential explosions to a minimum and you will most likely will deal with some potentially explosive events.

Issues of religion and publishing may expand and come up to the public awareness.  Since Pluto indicates transformation, we can expect something major to shift in the world, perhaps perceptions about foreign cultures and religions.  Certainly the war and various skirmishes in the Middle East may shift or become more active.

The best possible outcome is an evolution of consciousness throughout the world.  It is a good time to use this energy to meditate and rethink the purpose of our lives and our values.

The Pacific rim, and the coast of Chili may also see earthquakes that start out in the Pacific Ocean. This is one of the bigger planetary aspects you can buy. It is rife with potential disaster or an overly optimistic attitude and conviction that if you shoot the moon in any sort of gamble, you will hit the Mother lode. It is always best, especially with Mars retrograding, to wait for a couple weeks to do anything and try to hold your temper. Just stabilize and do the best you can to relax and stay out of everyone’s way while they explode from the pressure. Also look for major earthquakes along the west coast from South America all the way to Alaska. Volcanos may also start erupting so mother nature may give us quite a show.

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